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This section is intended to answer any questions you may have.  If your issue is not addressed here, contact us at https://applianceservicela.com/contact-us/ and a qualified customer service representative will answer your questions.

Q.  Which appliances do you service?

 LA Appliance Repair services all of your major appliances:  refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves and cook tops, ranges, microwave ovens, washers and dryers trash compactors, ice makers and room air conditioners.

Q.  Are you registered by BEAR?

 As mandated by the State of California, we are registered with the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair and maintain our registration as required.  Feel free to check our status:  https://www.bearhfti.ca.gov/license_chk.shtml

Q.  Are your technicians certified mechanics?

 All of our technicians have been professionally trained and approved by the major appliance manufacturers.  Certifications are updated as requested by the individual manufacturers.

Q.  Are the owners certified mechanics?

 The answer is, yes.  Our philosophy is the owners are ‘hands on’.  We cannot train or back our employees if we don’t have our hands in the grit.  If need be, the principals of LA Appliance Repair are fully capable of servicing your appliance repair needs.

Q.  How quickly will my service request be addressed?

 We offer same day service.  We serve the LA and surrounding areas and currently have ten certified technicians at the ready.  Our purpose is to serve our local community.  That means you!

Q.  Can you offer any advice for me in order to save the expense of a service call or trip charge?

 Absolutely!  If your appliance suddenly stops working, check that the plug is secure to the outlet.  Sometimes gyration or animals or whatever can cause the plug to shimmy somewhat out of the receptacle.  Next ensure the switches are in the proper position; perhaps turn them off and on and try again.  If all seems good there, check to see if the GFI outlet got tripped for whatever reason.  If your indicator light is no longer illuminated, unplug the device, and hit the reset button on the GFI.  Reinsert the plug and try again.  If that fails, check your breaker box.  Locate the switch associated to the faulty appliance.  Even if it’s in the ‘on’ position, turn it off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on.  Try the appliance again.  If you still have no results, call LA Appliance Repair at 661-964-0544.

Q.  If my refrigerator goes out suddenly, undue to a power outage, and it’s after normal working hours, will you help me?

Absolutely!  We offer emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If your refrigerator goes out or you smell a gas leak, give us a call.  We’ll ask you some questions to determine the extent of the situation.  If your issue is deemed an emergency we will be there to get you out of your bind to minimize or avoid further risk.

Q.  Do you provide warranty service?

Yes, we install new appliances, although we do not sell them.   We work with the appliance manufacturers and are an authorized warranty service center.

Q.  Can I buy appliance parts from you if I can fix the problem myself?

Yes!  We have a parts area on our website.  Click on the link and choose the appropriate appliance.  You can purchase parts online and have them shipped directly to your home.

Q.  Do you offer appliance service contracts?

We are so glad you asked!  We want to save you money on your appliance repairs.  This is most afforded through our service contracts.  Call 661-964-0544 and talk to any of our knowledgeable customer service reps.  Service contracts are a good investment, especially once your appliances run out of warranty.  Call today.  We can fix you up!

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